Doug Giles
I appreciate the many conservative watchdog groups that alert us whenever a fresh stool drops from Hollywood’s left-of-liberal backside and floats to the top of society’s turd bowl. Sorry for the excremental lingo. . . . I just couldn’t find any other suitable language to express my stance towards the stuff that’s been oozing from LA lately.

In addition, I welcome their spotlighting the writers, actors, producers, purveyors, underwriters and advocates of Tinseltown’s tripe. It helps those of us who don’t have the time or desire to find out and to keep up with what those overpaid and over-praised, preening morons are saying against that which traditional Americans hold dear.

Such groups as Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center keep us continually briefed on Hollywood’s anti-American and anti-sanity systematic thrashing of the beliefs and ideals that millions of Americans treasure. I don’t know about you, but when I hear one my favorite actors completely rail against the moral values and the grand political underpinnings of our great land, I find myself in a bind. It’s a tad bit tough to enjoy their craft after hearing their crap.

It’s been pretty obvious lately that the movies which Hollywood has churned out have been nothing more than two-hour long infomercials for liberal propaganda performed by actors that look and act a little better than Ron Popeil.

Now, having gotten some of that load off my chest my . . . what are we, the conservatives, doing about it? Are we content just to sit back and blather about how bad movies, TV and the music industry has become—or are we out there being busy bees creating that which is excellent and entertaining and will cause the masses to take their hard earned cash and plop it down to see and hear what we’re doing?

If conservatives are going to change the soiled and now soured diaper on our nation’s collective bottom, then we must get into the game with some killer tunes, scripts and talent and light this country up—or we’re doomed to watch gay cowboy movies and listen to gangsta rap. Yeech.

Furthermore, what is the main anti-hollywood noise machine, i.e., the Church, doing about the stuff spilling forth from TV and radio? Is the church’s answer the Left Behind movie? I watched 10 minutes of that mess before I shot my TV. It was horrid. Nothing like trying to beat something with nothing, Church.

Doug Giles

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