Doug Giles

This is the final volley in my series on how to screw up your life royally.  If you’ve been embracing habits one through eight [see archives] you’ve probably already added plenty of junk to your trunk and are well on your way to being buried in dung.  Yes, hopefully, you now have more bad habits than a moth-infested nunnery. 

Not wanting to leave you as an incomplete loser, but desiring to finish you off so you’ll be certain to be a disaster to your family, church and state, herewith are the two final habits of decidedly defective people: #9) Have an “It’s not my job” mentality and #10) Quit when the going gets tough.

Habit 9: “It’s not my job.”

If you want your life to be more foul than Courtney Love yodeling while she’s getting a perm, then you have to commit to being non-committal.  I’m talking about having an “It’s not my job” mentality in all things.  If you want your life to bite—and to bite hard—and to historically frame you as a failure, then you’ve got to spread this cheese over everything you do. 

To be defective one must be a passive bystander to duty, truth and societal ills, especially, if they don’t directly and immediately affect you and yours.  I mean, why the heck should you care about stuff that doesn’t impact you?  It’s not your job to fix what’s broken . . . to challenge what’s wrong with our society and to change what needs to be changed.  You’re busy with more important things like . . . watching the E! Channel’s “True Hollywood Story about Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.”  Yee-haw!

Here’s an example:  Why should you be bothered about this supposed “War on Terror”?  You don’t live in New York or D.C., you’ve never been to the Middle East and you really don’t desire to go to those places.  So why, why, should you give one-tenth of a flip about this drummed-up, much ado about nothing conflict?  The war hasn’t landed on the hood of your Toyota hybrid so why should you care?  It’s not your problem, and therefore, it’s not your job.

Doug Giles

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