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On the other hand, there are some people out there in non-progressive Hollywood-land who think that Williams would help the children more if he:
1 Didn’t have a webpage
2 Didn’t have a publicist
3 Didn’t write books
4 Didn’t get a Nobel peace prize nomination
5 Disallowed people to prop him up as a hero
6 Didn’t have a movie made about him
7 Distanced himself from blaming his neighborhood for his nefarious actions and
8 Didn’t get the chance to live past December 13, 2005.

Yeah, some think that if Tookie has really reformed the most positive message he could send to the young’uns is to go ahead and be executed—to accept due punishment for his actions—both for what he has spawned:  the Crips, and for what he has done:  murdered four people.  Certain folks feel this would be a powerful and dissuasive example to would-be degenerates who might want to emulate his bad choices and that he should, in his new found largesse, take one for the team. 

And certain people wouldn’t feel that such a responsible act on his part would be a waste, because if he’s truly been redeemed, he’s got nothing to lose . . . he’ll be in heaven (unless his "redemption" has been a sham)... and we’ll still have his ghost written books—now punctuated by his death—from which to read and thereby to “learn.”

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Doug Giles

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