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Now, here's a little 411 to give to your children regarding what hunters and anglers, that's right, "fish-catchers, meat-eaters and leather-wearers," actually do on a on-going and on-growing annual basis for the flora and fauna of our fantabulous nation:

1. HUNTING & FISHING LICENSE SALES total nearly $1 billion annually. This contribution supplies over half the income of the state conservation agencies and is used for wildlife management, education and safety programs.

2. EXCISE TAXES on sporting equipment, such as fishing tackle, firearms and ammunition, provide another $400 million, funding thousands of conservation, habitat improvement and recreation projects across America.

3. DUCK STAMPS purchased by migratory bird hunters add another $21 million in annual funding, totaling over $500 million to date. This money has been used to purchase some 5 million acres of wetlands habitat.

4. CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS by hunters and anglers to some 10,000 private organizations provide another $300 million in wildlife funding, in addition to the countless hours they spend doing vital conservation work.

5. ALL TOLD, hunters and anglers annually provide over 75% of the average funding for state conservation agencies and some nine dollars for each single taxpayer dollar invested in wildlife.

Like I said, make sure you kids get this brief.

Virtually every species of wildlife, from songbirds and chipmunks to bald eagles and whooping cranes, benefits from the programs supported and financed by hunters and anglers. PETA . . . well . . . they don't even come close to that. They won't, and they never will, no matter how many hepatitis-C-carting soft porn stars, B-grade actors and brothers of famous people speak on their behalf, or how many bizarre protests they stage, or how many shocking comic books they launch to boost their losing battle.

My advice, mom and dad: take your kids hunting this fall and fishing this spring and summer.  Introduce them to the respectful and responsible way enjoying and using of these amazingly healthy natural resources.  Join the NRA and the IGFA, as well as other state and local hunting and fishing organizations. Also, tell the teachers at that Kool-Aid Elementary that their anti-hunting, fishing and leather-wearing smack is not going to go down with you and yours and that they need to save that rhetoric for their weekend bong sessions with their adult friends who don't mind smoking it.

I honestly wish these PETA morons would get as zealous at protecting the rights of an unborn child as they are in trying to stop someone from making an omelet out of whooping crane eggs.

Well, I must run . . . I've got a big slab of snook to eat, and a whitetail deer/wild boar/American Bison hunt in Texas next month for which I must prepare. However, if you want more info regarding PETA and their unending weirdness and hypocrisy, go to and

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Doug Giles

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