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3. In addition, after the deceased violent aggressor’s spirit is tooling its way to Dante’s slow roast BBQ and I’m comforting my family and friends as I wipe gun powder residue off my hands, thanks to The Castle Doctrine, I can rest assured that I am protected from a therapeutic culture and the soulless lawyers it has spawned.  Imagine that . . . a law on the side of a law abiding person.  It’s crazy! 

You know, it’s not a cheerful thought, but think of the reverb that’ll shoot through criminal communities in the Sunshine State when one of their ilk gets killed by a good citizen for trying to be tough guy. 

What do you think the still living idiot friends of the deceased punk are going to think when they learn that their 19-year old Darwinian-holdover buddy got Glocked by a young woman who refused to be raped by him?  Think of the empowerment that this theoretical babe will give to other chicas minding their own business, as she leads the pack by not taking any crud from criminals—Castle Doctrine style!

Imagine the laughter of the cackling fools ceasing when instead of bringing home video footage of their friends beating and kicking an old man in the parking lot of a Target for fun, they have on their memory stick a 35 second blip of a retiree laying one of their multi-tattooed lads to rest with a Smith & Wesson 686.  Oops!  Now you little wannabe criminals didn’t plan on that happening this evening, did you? 

In addition, won’t it be a relief to see bloodless lawyers no longer having a psychobabble, legalese, this-is-why-my-client-robbed-raped-burgled-or-murdered leg to stand on? 

Won’t it be liberating to not hear on the local news that the perpetrator was actually the victim, and the one who defended himself is evil? 

Aren’t you getting sick of hearing how the felon was not responsible for his crime because he had low blood sugar, abnormal peer pressure, societal oppression, or that he didn’t get enough attention during his delicate years, was off his meds and was not aware of the ramifications of such criminal mischief because George W. Bush under funded his education? Isn’t it freeing to now know that you can protect your person and property instead of helplessly running from bad people, bad judges and bad lawyers?

Yes, thanks to Sen. Durrell Peaden and Rep. Dennis Baxley, the law’s sponsors, and Gov. Jeb Bush, who signed the bill into law, The Castle Doctrine has now gone into effect, and I guarantee we will begin to see the sun set on those who would do harm in the Sunshine State. 

Only those who do evil need to be afraid.

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Doug Giles

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