Doug Giles

“. . . if you do that which is evil, be afraid.”
1 Rom.13.4

As of this Saturday, October 1, 2005, the law abiding citizens of Florida have been “given back” the already God-given, Constitution-given and no-duh-right to defend themselves, and if need be, use deadly force in so doing.  That’s right . . . if you decide to rape, rob, car jack or accost a Floridian, you might want to think twice about that brain fart, as that may be the last thing you do before your soul wings its way to Hades.

If you’re the little weed contemplating these things, you should reflect a bit longer on the wisdom of this course of violent action, because we the people can now wale on you and be protected from criminal prosecution and/or an inane civil suit.

Here’s what Floridians are now afforded via The Castle Doctrine.  This beautiful new law basically gives the average Joe who gets criminally assaulted while minding his own beeswax three essentials things:

1. It establishes, by law, the presumption that if a moron has the moxie to forcibly enter my home or vehicle that he is probably not there to borrow sugar, rather to cause death or bodily harm.  Therefore, I can either impale said dipstick, on a sword, or dust him with 00 Buck, or unload my Sig in his surprised face, or double tap his center mass with my .450/400-3 ¼ Nitro Express double rifle I bought to hunt Africa’s most deadliest game.  Yes, beginning this Saturday, good Floridian men can put down bad foolish men who violate the sanctity of our Castles.

2. It removes my duty to turn the other cheek and runaway when I’m being attacked.  Look, if bloggers, columnists and radio show hosts want to have fun at my expense, I have no other recourse but to absorb their personal insults, laugh it off and not go postal, i.e., to turn the other cheek.  However, if my family, or I or others in my vicinity are being physically assaulted in a place in which we have a perfect right to be, then I can stand my ground and drop the assailant to the pavement if I have reason to believe he intends to do us bodily harm.  Matthew 5:39 does not apply to rapists, burglars, attempted murderers, gangbangers, terrorists or similar stooges.

Doug Giles

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