Doug Giles

Well, Pat Robertson gave every Christian hater a good reason to toss believers into the Christians-are-terrorists-too category.  Hey Pat, take a chill pill or two and relax.  We all know that Chavez is a very bad man, but c’mon . . .  assassination?  BTW, who are you running with nowadays over there at CBN, the Gottis’?  I know you didn’t get that “let’s snuff ‘em” stuff from hanging out with Michael W. Smith. 

Reverend Robertson needs to leave that kind of rhetoric to fomenting, hyperbolic talk show hosts, comics and columnists.  You see, we understand that they are exaggerative, not serious and that they spew for the sake of entertainment.  Pat, on the other hand, is serious and thus, that kind of verbiage freaks out most people.  Remember Mr. Robertson, you’re the church’s nice old spiritual granddad—not Dennis Leary. 

Mr. Robertson’s calling for Chavez to be iced has started a firestorm of controversy.  I believe, however, it will be a short storm with minimal damage, as Pat’s already apologized, screamed “context” and has gone into overdrive trying to put out this verbal blaze. 

Having said all of the above, every sane person knows that what Pat has said doesn’t come anywhere close to terrorism for the following reasons:

1. He’s not terrifying.
2. No one is queued up to carry out his commands.
3. There aren’t any amorous virgins waiting in the Christian’s heaven that would incite young Christian men to paint HC with their laser sights.
4. The New Testament doesn’t advance such action. 
5. Violent mobs are not gathered at his Virginia Beach studios burning Venezuelan flags, stabbing Chavez’s picture or screaming loudly in tongues while strafing the sky in murderous disgust with their SKS’s.

Look, Pat Robertson is to dangerous what Anna Nicole Smith is to decorum.  For all those fearing that Christians are going to go down to Caracas to kill Hugo, you can relax.  It ain’t gonna happen.  What Pat said doesn’t jive with Christ’s teachings (and everyone knows this); so as influential as Pat is, no Christian is going to gulp the killer Kool-Aid concoction, venture down to Venezuela and wax chunky Chavez. 

Doug Giles

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