Doug Giles

1. For those of us who have forgotten that we’re in a war on terror, we need a fresh realization that these whack jobs are still around, they’re still insane and they are not going to be a part of our global reindeer game.  This is good for those of us who were growing sleepy and passive post-911.  As much as we’d like to think militant Muslims will just go away, or that we can change them through appeasement, or calm them down via our slick, politically correct verbal gymnastics, the reality is that the only thing that is going to stop militant Muslims is death.  We must route out radical Muslims wherever they may be found and by whatever means necessary.  It is either us or them.  I say let’s make it them . . . on our terms and on their turf.  Understand, por favor, that they’re implacable.  There is nothing to negotiate with them.  Sorry, but that’s reality.  Therefore, we must support their deaths on their sod or be prepared for our own on ours.  Go, Bush!

2. Hopefully, this will end the Lysol-disinfecting attempts of swabbing the terrorists and their rogue nations by certain sectors of our American press that is (for whatever reason) wedged up the enemies’ backside.  When a murderous thug of thousands of innocent civilians, ala Zarqawi, can now be referred to in the New York Times by their reporter Edward Wong as a “Jordanian fighter,” I think that’s a good indicator that we are beginning to get this thing bass ackwards. 

3. Hopefully, Europe will cease its anti-American, “the U.S. is evil” rhetoric and realize that it wasn’t us who just attempted to kill hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent Brits on London’s streets.  Given the fact that Europe has millions of Muslims living in their own backyard, with many combative sects going unmonitored and uncensored, they might ought to dial down their anti-American diatribe and begin to fear for their lives and seek our assistance in helping them to kick to hell’s curb these murderous militants.

4. And lastly, may the London attacks serve us by causing us to up security for our nation, by causing us to preventively squeeze harder potential home grown threats via Homeland Security, by making our borders tighter than Tamilee Webb’s buns of steel, by increasing the flow of intel between our intelligence agencies, by making us determined to spread freedom and democracy to arcane cultures and by realizing this is going to be a long, long war of good vs. evil, and these guys are pure evil.

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Doug Giles

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