Doug Giles

As eight of the most powerful world leaders were convening in Gleneagles, Scotland for the G8 Summit trying to figure out how to battle poverty, salvage human lives, stop the AIDS epidemic in Africa and keep our globe from warming . . . what does militant Islam do to help? Well, they set off four bombs in the heart of London killing 50+ people and seriously injuring over 700. 

Being the tough guys and mighty combatants that they are, these “warriors of god” intentionally targeted civilian men, women and children who were stuck in mass transit being armed only with briefcases, BlackBerry’s and Starbucks.

But that’s okay with these lobotomized, zealous zombies, because according to these wizards—and backed up by the Quran, mind you—Allah “green lights” this bellicose behavior.  He even wills it.  And who are they to withhold from Allah what he wants?  He can be pretty moody sometimes, and they wouldn’t want to make him irate.  So, as good subjects, these Saladin wannabes are here to help him with his celestial mission of liquidating those who will not bow to Allah, in particular those who are enjoying their prosperity and liberty way too much.  You know . . . the “Great Satan” crowd. 

Oh, I’m sorry.  I must beg my reader’s forgiveness: according to some of the still- loopy-Euro-socialist throng, we don’t know if radical and ridiculous jihadists were the perpetrators of this pathetic act.  Maybe they’re right. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions and vilify al Qaeda or any other al-I’m-Frickin’-Nutza cabal, as it could be the work of some really infuriated disenfranchised Presbyterian sect or a militant wing of the Girl Scouts who committed this cowardly act of terrorism.

Supposing that it actually is Islamic radicals who were responsible for this gutless, heinous act, what possible good could come from this bad which occurred on 7/7?  Here are several lessons I hope we learn from this last disaster and remember for . . . let’s say . . . the next 400 years.

Doug Giles

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