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Hey girls, if your husband ever gets convicted for chasing children with a chainsaw, and then gets released from our ?justice system? without having his frontal lobe scraped with a cement trowel . . . you might not want to let him around you and yours ever again. That?s a simple can-do, isn?t it? I mean . . . that makes sense, right?  I know it used to, but nowadays, common sense doesn?t seem to be . . . well . . . so common.

The Mother?s Day slayings of Krystal Tobias and Laura Hobbs by Laura?s dad were probably the most avoidable murders of this millennium?if Mrs. Hobbs? common sense would have kicked into gear and caused her not to let scary should-have-never-been-released-from-prison Jerry around herself and Laura.  Look, I hold dung beetle Mr. Hobbs primarily culpable for the murders, but c?mon . . . Mrs. Hobbs should have been a more substantial impediment to this freshly freed demented man?s satanic bents.

What is wrong with the woman who?ll let a man?husband or not?with a rap sheet that includes twenty plus violent offenses, with one that entails wielding a chainsaw at kids, who, in addition, stated several times he wanted to kill her, still be allowed to share air with her?

Ladies . . . get a little more protective of yourself and your kids.  Duh.  Get a little bit more dignified and start shopping elsewhere for a good man verses some goofy ghoul. Get a tad bit more self esteem and stick a Smith Wesson model 29 in the face of any dill-weed who threatens anyone with physical or sexual abuse and tell him you plan on pumping him full of hot 240 grain hollow points if he shows his sorry backside around you ever again.

Women, if not for your sake, how about for your kid?s sake? Wise up . . . get an attitude and trust your BS detector when it starts red flagging you to flee the wrath of such a haggard piece of vile humanity.  Yes, please grease the pole of your red flag on a regular basis so that it comes up more proficiently when you interface with the profane.

Since common sense seems to be uncommon for a few women who put themselves and their children in harms way, let me give you 12 signs to look out for when dating or courting an individual.  If these things manifest in your relationship with the opposite sex, do us all a favor and haul butt in the opposite direction and keep hoping and scoping for a better man.

Ask yourself these questions about your potential suitor:

Doug Giles

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