Doug Giles

Ecclesiastes states, ?There is an appointed time for everything ? a time to give birth and a time to die; a time to embrace and a time to shun embracing,? and among other things, ? there is, ?a time to kill.?  Guess what time I think it is for John Evander Couey and David Onstott?

With our nation?s attention rightly riveted on the macabre murders of little Jessica Lundsford and Sarah Lunde, I think I just heard the clock strike Death:30 for the irretrievable duo who carried out these sickening slayings.  I question the humanity, sanity, and if you?re religious, the sanctity, of everyone who vies for sustaining the lives of Couey and Onstott, the confessed murderers of 10-year-old Jessica and 13-year-old Sarah.

In addition to it being a time to kill these two sacks of dung, I think the judicial morons who previously gave wispy sentences to such dregs and released them without performing a chemical castration and a phallectomy with a rusty fork, and without branding SOB on these losers? foreheads, ought to go directly to prison for aiding and abetting these bastards. And I use the word bastard in a biblical sense.

Furthermore, I believe Kelly Lunde, Sarah?s mom, who actually dated Onstott, the convicted rapist who eventually killed her daughter, who didn?t report her child missing for two, that?s two, days, should to be forced to spend a few years in the Stupid Ward of What Were You Thinking Hospital.  

Y?know, it?s amazing to me that these two recidivist rapists were allowed to free range while our legal wizards felt the need to Lojack Martha Stewart and treat her like Hannibal Lecter for lying.  I would venture to say that the scales of justice are now more unbalanced in the United States of Asininity than Margot Kidder trying to work a treadmill after a quart of corn liquor.

Let me see if I?m getting this ?sage? judicial insight right.  Tight-leashing a 60-year-old billionaire blonde Jurassic diva in her multi-million dollar mansion is a must, and letting Chester the Molester run free and relatively unsupervised to skulk our schoolyards, playgrounds, ice cream parlors and churches is okay? 

What the heck is wrong with us? 

How many raped pre-pubescent girls have to be buried alive in shallow graves before we enact lethal Moses-like sanctions on these nightcrawlers and send them quickly to a just God who will, in turn, overnight them to an eternal hell?

Here?s what I think needs to happen to a person found guilty of raping and/or killing a kid.

I think said person should ?

Doug Giles

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