Doug Giles

According to a recent Washington Times report, American women are pig sick of the oversold and dandy metrosexual male imago.  It seems as if the ladies are tired of dating, mating and watching these candy asses and, once again, are looking for a man whose masculinity is not in question.

Believe it or not, the girls are now lining up for men who ?
? Are rough and ready vs. rouged and giddy,
? Are rugged and callused vs. reflexive and coifed,
? Are selfless and protective vs. fashionable and feckless, and
? Are into beer, sports and gadgets vs. buns of steel and spandex.

The decisively hetero girls are looking for some testosterone junkies who are not eating their gouda gift set but, instead, have mixed this smelly stuff with their stink bait and are using it to catch big catfish on the Chattahoochee.

God bless the women who are doing the Sadie Hawkins for guys who are low maintenance and easy going.  Yeah ? fine American lasses are righteously refusing the low yield, reflexively irate fops Hollywood has tried to cram down our culture?s collective throat.  The girls have spoken and have said, No thanks, to the eye-brow- tweaked man.  They have sent the metrosexual male back to Europe where he belongs, and, predictably, they have embraced the Marlboro Man. 

You?ve gotta love it! 

Yes, just when the sensible are about to go Ozzy on society and call for the four horsemen of the apocalypse to wrap this thing up, the clouds break and reveal that there is hope, once again, for our country after all.  Part of that hope is the setting of the metrosexual sun.  And it appears as if everyone is relieved.  Heck, even major homosexual pundits are glad the metrosexual lad has been sent packing.  So to speak ?

Now, for all you Backstreet Boys who are wondering if, if, you are one of these metrosexual males from whom women, men and small animals are running, I?ve concocted a little test to help you shed your proclivities toward abnormality and begin to saddle up and ride in a more masculine direction.  Are you ready?  If you start to hyper-ventilate, just take a break and control your breathing.  Here we go.

Doug Giles

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