Doug Giles

I, on the other hand, would like to see the subsequent servant be a retro pope and sport the same holy moral nerve of the last pontiff.  A veritable papal cowboy who is not indecisive and dithering regarding the verbum Dei, even in this decrepit day of overt ministerial wussification.

Yeah ? I?d like to see the next pope keep an old school devotion to the Christ of the Bible, teach the word of God (as is), and maintain a traditional view of life, sex and marriage, not prostrate himself to the ?progressives.?

I?d like to see the next Pope exchange his white robes for a black leather cape like Morpheus had in The Matrix and trade in the Popemobile for a Harley Fat Boy.  At least on the weekends.

I?d like to see the Catholic Church let the next guy get married, as St. Paul said was a minister?s right, to a girl like Salma Hayek and have some kids.  This in turn would, hopefully, cause thousands of other priests to follow that which is normal.

I?d like to see the next pope take that gold-plated shepherd?s staff and publicly pulverize any priest who has committed an act of pedophilia and then personally escort such a Judas Priest to the papal dungeon to a) be executed or b) be forgotten forever.  Can I get an amen? 

I?d also like to see everyone leave the next pope the heck alone and not force him to be just a ?nice guy?? like most ministers have been reduced to, but rather a truth dealer? a herald and defender of God?s word ? who doesn?t give a flip about the feelings of the secular squabs.

My ClashPoint is this:  John Paul II faced communist thugs, absorbed a would-be assassin?s bullet, and didn?t bat an eye when the world didn?t like his moral stances.  And that?s the kind of holy chutzpah the Catholic Church needs to fill his now empty Chukka boots.

Pope John Paul II understood that a traditional, biblical worldview is the moral rudder that will keep us sailing in the new millennium.  I just hope that the Catholic Church will yield up another leader who will fight that which is foul when in floats to the top of society and carry on John Paul II?s attitude and actions.  Yes, we need, must have, an old school, JP II-like pope and not a progressive dope.

Doug Giles

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