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Martin Luther, the 16th-century Augustinian monk who shook all of Christendom like a bowl of liposuctioned fat, said the Christian was worthless until he could vibrantly live a profane life, which means in the Latin, outside the temple.   Luther not only brought clarity to the gospel message, but he also catapulted believers beyond the stained glass walls of the Church, exhorting them to be salt and light in places where they might be skewered and lampooned.  Yes, Martin re-tabled the New Testament notion that the secular environment was not to be avoided because it was bad and that all creation is sacred so all activities are to be done to the glory of God. 

Listen: true spirituality is incredibly practical, robust and workable no matter where you dwell or what you do.  If your spirituality/Christianity isn?t viable and stout in the most difficult of cultures, then it ain?t the stuff Moses and Christ sold. 

To help you take your Christianity out of the Christian ghetto where the secularists would love you to remain, here?s a simple can do: start to see life as a whole.  Begin to merge, as J.I. Packer says:

· Your Christianity with culture,
· Your contemplation with achievement,
· Your worship with work,
· Your labor with rest,
· Your fasting with a Foster?s,
· Your love of God with love of neighbor and self,
· Your personal identity with social identity
· Your wide spectrum of relational responsibilities with each other in a thoroughly conscientious and considered way. 

Try that next week, next month and the next few years, and watch your influence spread like butter. And you can be certain that such a resurrection of a hearty Christianity will definitely tick the sassy secularist off and get Satan?s panties in a wad.

To be Continued ?

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Doug Giles

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