Doug Giles

My ClashPoint is this: Man ? do we need a group of believers who are not men-pleasers and who do not buckle to the demands of Generation Duh. When Christians, especially ministers, cease to be piquant provocateurs, then the villainous will fill the vacuum. Yes, I blame our world?s problems on the tame, timid, and tepid religious person who will not stand for what he supposedly believes when it means there might be conflict.

I do not blame Playboy, Las Vegas, the gay agenda, Air America, or whomever for our societal tooth decay. I blame the "righteous" ones who will not shamelessly proclaim truth in such a way that it is persuasive, provocative and preserving. Yes, churches that do not seriously stand for truth commit institutional suicide and effectively marginalize themselves, rather than being the salt-shaking organisms God has called them to be.

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Doug Giles

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