Doug Giles

Our Constitution is currently under a greater threat than a teenaged boy at a Michael Jackson sleepover.  Yes, this rock solid foundational document, a major cause of our country?s amazing success, is undergoing some serious thrashing by judges, bureaucrats, politicians, prosecutors and police.  I don?t know about you ? but I do not like the fact that the very people who should uphold our rights are stretching them thinner than Fiona Apple on a rack. 

One of the basic human rights that constantly has to be defended is the right to keep and bear arms.  Why did the original founders of this great American experiment toss this given, no-duh, entitlement into the Constitution?  Well ? it wasn?t so that we would be guaranteed that we could hunt squirrels and woodchucks without serving time, as great as that is.  It was for the purpose of defending ourselves against perps when the cops are running a little late, and for the purpose of protecting ourselves against the government should the system go south.

What concerns me is how both the Federal and State governments, driven by rabid lawmakers, continue to be such a pain in the derriere with respect to the right to possess a firearm.  In just a few short years, our supposed Constitution-honoring government has made it grueling to obtain, practically impossible to carry, and God help you if you actually legitimately have to use ? a gun.

Listen ? Pollyanna ? it?s a bad bad day and the potential beginning of a serious nightmare when the government forbids you to buy, or tries to take from you, your weapon. 

This is one of the major lessons history screams at us. 

For those of you who missed your world history classes because you were taking transgender sensitivity training, let me highlight a few ignoble moments in the world?s gun-ridding record.

Take Germany for example.  Soon after WWI, the liberal powers thought that relieving citizens of their rifles would restore peace in the streets.  The general populace bought this nonsense because at that time there were no astute bloggers, Fox News, NRA or to shoot down such a stupid idea.  And for a while, no doubt, I?m sure everyone felt warm and fuzzy.

Doug Giles

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