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It?s the Christian?s responsibility to get settled in Christian doctrine.  God?s goal is to make His people hurricane-proof oaks of righteousness, not evangelical tumbleweeds that derail and turn into agnostics or atheists once they hit the first speed bump in their Christian experience.

The scriptures rebuke the superficial Christian who cannot give a reasonable answer for the gospel hope that he supposedly holds.  One of the reasons the Bible commands the believer to be doctrinally sound is that when an unbeliever tosses a tough question at him regarding his faith, he doesn?t duck and run to the Sit-On-The-Sidelines-of-Life Community Church to avoid the probing inquiry.

Yeah, the Bible doesn?t have too many chipper things to say about the flighty, easy breezy, summer squeezy, pseudo-saint who, like Reuben, is as theologically unstable as water.

Listen, all you quasi-Christians avoiding sound doctrine and the biblical worldview: if you?re not well-established in the great truths of Scripture, then your faith will be overturned by every wind of false doctrine, and you will stand intellectually naked before the obstreperous challenger.  

Becoming mentally and spiritually equipped to defend the faith is not an option if you?re a believer in the Christ of the Bible.  According to the scripture, God commands ? He doesn?t suggest ? He doesn?t softly nudge ? He demands that we grow up into sound-as-a-pound professors of the faith for which we stand.  Scripture uniformly challenges the fickle featherweight followers who are one day of this mind and the next day of another.  Or ? who are of no mind at all.

To say that doctrine doesn?t matter is to say that God, who is the author of doctrine, doesn?t matter.  Doctrine is not boring or irrelevant.  You might be ? but doctrine sure as heck isn?t.

Sound biblical doctrine matters greatly.  Doctrine defines ?

· the principal purpose of man,
· the role and rule of the scripture,
· the character and nature of God,
· the purpose of creation,
· the fall of man,
· Christ and the covenant of grace,
· the application of redemption and
· God?s view of death and the last day.

My ClashPoint is this:  To those who are tired of being theologically lazy and who see the sin in being biblically uninformed or misinformed, here are six reasons why one should get with it, doctrinally:

Doug Giles

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