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Male animals will fight over who gets to breed, who gets to eat, and who owns a particular piece of turf, and aside from our cell phones ? we bipods are no different.  Men clash over women, ideas, politics, business, war, and if that does not suffice, we will make up stuff to wrangle over. 

Nowadays, men are reviled and harangued for this traditionally esteemed and essential, God-wired, gung-ho spirit.  It is this positive bellicose behavior that causes men to rightly protect, even to the point of death, women and kids from whatever threatens them. This is what men have been classically known for, and this is what should be re-tabled for men in this Age of Wussification.

In addition to and closely connected with this confrontational role, is the classic male mission of fetching vittles and acquiring a killer crib.  Men looked for the new castle in a safer hamlet.  Men sought increased opportunity for their kids and a greater slice of the bliss pie for the entire family.

And lastly, the male competitive spirit caused the production of a better breed of people.  You know, in the animal kingdom, you don?t get to mate if you don?t exert your masculinity in the field by dominance. 

The competitive spirit within the man, together with its spin-off fruits, is a must for our nation to continue to be the solid country it is.  Sure, this viable spirited competitive distinctiveness, allowed to grow on its own, ungoverned by greatness, can fester into an O.J.  However, the competitive spirit, governed by biblical ethics, has always produced powerful and productive patriarchs who were the backbone of whatever culture they grew up in.  That?s why traditional Judeo-Christian communities invested so much time, capital and oomph in the ordering of this potential force through the institution of rights, rules and heroic narratives. 

My ClashPoint is this:  As society becomes more secular, dispensing with Judeo-Christian values that relate to man, and diluting the values which address their combativeness in a constructive fashion, man?s competitive bent will deteriorate rapidly into free-for-all competition, Scott Peterson weirdness, and success at all costs.  On the flip side of that competition-minus-character coin is the current overcorrection of poo-pooing competition and turning  men into Charmin-like creatures.

Traditional society esteemed and structured man?s aggressiveness, realizing that men who like to fight were a must for the good society.  Our forebears bridled the bad fruits and released the good produce of combative behavior by recounting great biblical narratives, by conducting ceremonies, and by maintaining an ethical code built around properly releasing this warrior spirit.

Part two, Independence, to follow?

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Doug Giles

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