Doug Giles

Nowadays, especially via TV and Hollywood, men are seen as despicable, cruel, pusillanimous, selfish, ineffectual oafs, veritable bumbling idiots who need women or some gay guy with a Queer Eye ? to help us through our primal fog towards metrosexual healing. 

If you?re a guy who wants to keep his guy-ness and not trade it in for the androgynous pomosexual image of the 21st century, then you will receive more scorn than Michael Moore at a NRA luncheon.  From the college classroom to the corporate boardroom, men have been meeting with man-hatred for quite some time now.  

Look ? I?m sure men need some retooling, and I confess we do egregious things for which we need to take responsibility.  Y?know, just the other day while I was on a hunting trip without my wife during our anniversary, after not bathing for 5 days, while eating cold refried beans out of a can, chasing the beans with a hot Budweiser and belching so loudly that a Bull Elk came to our cabin looking for a fight, I was thinking that maybe I need to take some etiquette classes. 

However, the little tweaking that I?ll admit to needing with respect to balancing out my mannish weirdness will not be coming from our current culture of castration but from the scripture and from classical masculine values of days gone by (not from a re-run of Friends).

What are the basic elements of the masculine spirit?  Well, from Homer to Gomer, from Abraham to the Apostle Paul, there are three primary traits that men, if properly raised and allowed to express their biology, will and should naturally exhibit. 

They are the following: 
· Competition
· Independence
· Responsibility

Let?s look at number one, competition.  Guys will fight over anything ? and you know what?  We?re supposed to.  Probably the thing that separates the men from the ladies more than the Austin Power-like hair on our backs is man?s innate combative nature. 

Take the animal kingdom, for instance.  While on one of my glorious and many hunting trips, I had two bucks feeding in front of my stand about 75 yards away.  To my right, out of a thick stand of trees, comes a doe in to feed with the grass-munchin? boys, and the next thing you know ? it?s a WWE match in a South Florida palmetto patch.  The two young bucks commenced to smashing their heads together over Bambi?s cute sister.   The kicker is ? while Frick and Frack are locked up vying for dominance ? a more mature buck appears and begins to walk off with the doe ? that is, until I shot him! 

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him onFacebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.