Doug Giles

Millions of working-hard and playing-hard Americans took a day off Thursday to properly give major props to the 25 million vets who died defending this grand land.
Yeah, thank God that the majority of our nation still gets it, namely that our freedom is never free and sometimes someone has to pay the ultimate price and lay their life down for liberty?s continuity. 

And that?s where our bad-to-the-bone boys and girls in uniform come in!

Not only do we, the God-fearing, nation-loving, flag-saluting citizens of this Great American Experiment, salute those killed in battle, but we also laud our current crop of warriors who are in harm?s way so that we can be out of it.

As far as I?m concerned, our military is not only defending us from nefarious nations and terrorists bent on our destruction, but are also, by example, keeping us from vapid vacuous vices via the spirit they embody.  

I believe that these armed defenders and extenders of freedom not only provide national security, but their very core, their basic military make up, supplies sanity and keeps us tethered to the things that have made us majestic.

You remember our nation?s virtues don?t you?  Come on?think back?way back? (Maybe some drugs will help you.)  Think back to the stuff like sacrifice, duty, and honor.  From a qualitative standpoint, what these young guns get from the military and then bring to the US?s table is now more necessary in our wafty and wussy society than a Bose voice processor is for Ashlee Simpson?s whimpering voice. 

It?s hard not to go Van Gogh when one looks at the societal swill within our culture, because it often seems as if discipline, patriotism and sacrificial living are vanishing from our national spirit faster than a large order of fries would in front of Michael Moore.  And while I?m on the topic of Michael Moore?I hope America never forgets or forgives this ?man? for how he portrayed America?s finest in his latest ?film.? That is unless, of course, he repents.

Yes, thanks to Michael Moore and his un-Fahren-blight 911, we can, in large part, blame him and his lemmings for the ungrateful-to-the-military sentiments that are floating around today. 

Moore made our soldiers out to look like teenaged killers of women and children, who care nothing about defending this land, nothing about extending liberty to other countries, nothing about loyalty to their fellow soldiers and to our nation.  Instead they were framed as heavy-metal-loving killing machines who like to listen to crunching guitar riffs while they strafe innocent mothers and babies--all for the white man?s avaricious lust for oil money. 

Doug Giles

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