Doug Giles

What a spanking Kerry and Edwards received?eh? After the liberal media?s axis of drivel worked their butts off to belittle Bush and airbrush Kerry into a moderate messiah, the American people ended up buying neither Kerry?s career/character makeover nor the vilification of Bush. 

The lunatic uber-liberal lug nuts were stunned Wednesday morning that Kerry didn?t carry this election.  Yeah, it is hard to imagine Kerry and Edwards not solidly connecting with Middle America.  With all the support for him from

· Has-been Jurassic rock stars,
· Gold-toothed gangsta rappers,
· Bleached-blond MTV male thugs,
· Bisexual lip-syncing tarts,
· A chunky female country singer,
· Hollywood, with its swing clubs and Hustler superstores,
· Famous people who are famous for being famous,
· Prancing and screaming gay activists,
· PETA?s naked anti-hunting and anti-beef-eating protestors who wouldn?t hurt a bird but are cool with aborting a baby,
· A Europe-lauding Wall Street billionaire,
· Blathering liberal talking pinheads,
· Rosie and her anti-traditional family ilk,
· Pro-partial-birth-abortion monsters,
· America-hating European and UN leaders and ?
· The all-American regular guy, communist Michael ?the manatee? Moore,

you?d think that Kerry and the Dim-o-crats would have grabbed Middle America?s heart, soul, mind and vote.  But much to John and John?s and their left-of-reality constituency?s chagrin, the Dim-o-crats ended up more off base with their campaign than Carl Crawford on a wild pitch.

Look, I?m sure that the aforementioned Kerry cabal has a lot to say regarding ?

Doug Giles

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