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Well, thank God Bush didn?t make any more truthful faces during the second debate and instead played nice guy for the swing vote sheeple who need that from their wartime President. And thank Heaven this time he didn?t wear the burdens of office?he  had spent 12 hours prior to the first debate surveying hurricane damage and meeting with FEMA and Florida disaster relief officials.

Yes, the sensitive ones among us must see again and again that Bush does have a stranglehold on the issues and he can come off like Dave Coulier. President Bush accomplished this task Friday evening by being articulate, warm and assertive, and systematically revealing once again his opponent?s haggard, prevaricating, without-a-real-plan senatorial pose.

Speaking of senatorial posing ? what a butt kicking Cheney gave Edwards! V.P. Dick Cheney made John Edwards look like a lightweight praise-a-thon host for TBN.
I don?t particularly care for Johnny?s politics but, man, was I feeling sorry for him as our Vice President lowered his crosshairs on Edwards? and Kerry?s defenseless senatorial careers and their Bruce Springsteen-like solutions for Iraq. Cheney cleaned his clock. Yes, Mr. Gravitas looked at Edwards with a combination of pity and incredulity. Now proof that Vice President Cheney was so untaken by Edwards is afforded to the public: Cheney?s debate notes were salvaged from a Case Western Reserve dumpster. Click here to check them out!!!

Yes, tough Bush and Cheney came off as chummy and believable. Frankly, I couldn?t care less if you or I like their personalities or their TV friendliness.  Aren?t we looking for a guy whose singular ambition is to wake up every morning and pursue the goal of killing terrorists (on their turf, not ours) who want to kill us?

The death-hell-and-the-grave terrorist deep weeds in which we?re currently embroiled is no game. We have jihadic death jockeys who want to kill us ? people with whom there is no bargaining. None. Yes, while John Kerry enjoys botox, spray-on tans and manicures, Osama bin Laden, Zarqawi, Al Sadr and their ilk are talking about multiple nuclear attacks in our comfortable cul-de-sacs.

And they?re just a little more determined than some caricature of an immoral, lazy, stupid, fat American. Matter of fact, according to terrorist experts, there is a high probability that they already have nukes with our names on them in our neighborhoods. What would it mean for a nuclear suitcase bomb to go off in one of our cities? One terrorism expert, Paul Williams, has a pretty clear idea.

Imagine this ?

Paul Williams writes in his book Osama?s Revenge,

Doug Giles

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