Doug Giles

· Do you wish to continue worshiping whom you want, when you want and where you want?

· Do you prefer to be governed by the rule of law, or by loopy leftist runaway judges?

· Do you believe marriage should continue to be defined as between man and woman?  Or are Mr. Brad and his wife Mr. Chad, cool with you?

· Do you want America to be UN-free?

· Do you wish to keep your hard-earned cash or do you prefer having the government tax you more than your little sister did making you sit through her first clarinet recital?

· Do you think affirmative action should entail an alarm clock?

· Do you believe an unborn baby should have more rights than a convicted murderer ? or an unborn whooping crane?

· Do you think first degree murderers should actually be executed, or allowed to watch Jerry Springer on cable TV in their air-conditioned cells, during the next 20 years of pointless appeals?

· Do you want to be able to purchase firearms for hunting and protective purposes?  And ?

· Dew u thank publik skewls ned masiv raform?

Christian, if you said yes -- or no, for that matter -- to some or all of the above, then make sure you?re not busy going to a Christian rock concert, or the single mingle night at your local Take a 100 Year Nap Community Church on November 2nd.   Make sure you?re registered and ready to vote that day.

My ClashPoint is this: evangelicals from Martin Luther to Francis Schaeffer have been the society-driving force for good with whom the cultural degenerates had to reckon.  Unfortunately, there has been a significant retreat from following the examples of the standard-bearing, hard-working spiritual forbears by today?s evangelicals.  The result is that what once was a societal force has become a marginalized farce. 

If we are going to see change come to our nation and if righteousness is to exalt and protect this land once again, the Evangeli-fish among us need somehow to develop spines.  The non-whining, non-whimpering, non-wussy Christian faced with ecclesiastical or political corruption doesn?t bail out of these God-ordained institutes.  Instead, he and she pray, labor, reform and speak out, as they seek to bring forth righteousness and righteous leaders ? and kick, via their voices and votes, the lawless skanks to the curb.

Do you respect someone who says he believes in something and yet stands for nothing?  Not I.  If we?re going to be true followers of Christ, we cannot avoid the biblical injunction to labor for a safe and good place which at least somewhat resembles what God wants and likes.  And that entails at least minimal political involvement within the land in which we dwell. 

This is the third anniversary of the greatest challenge our nation, under God, has ever faced.  For your sake, for your kid?s sake, for God?s sake: this November 2nd pry yourself up from your duct-taped Lazy-Boy steel beam reinforced recliner and vote!

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him onFacebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.