Doug Giles

 The Democrats are recoiling from the Republican National Convention more than Michael Moore does when faced with health food, sit-ups, shaving cream and Christopher Hitchens.  The GOP convention has diminished the already moderate winds in the tattered sails trying to propel the crippled craft called Kerry?s campaign. 

It?s got to be painful to back someone who lacks so much of ? well ? so much, like John Flipper Kerry does.  Face it.  If he didn?t have his wife?s late husband?s money to prop up his feckless political career or Doug Brinkley?s plastic surgical biographical skills to make a silk purse out of a sow?s ear, he would be working at a Border?s bookstore, hosting their ?Americans? for Socialism? poetry read during Tuesday?s Open Mike Night.

Lordy, how they scrambled even before the GOP convention finished!  Kerry?s doing midnight rebuttal meetings still using his Vietnam ?tours? of duty ? all four months of it --  as the main reason he should be allowed to screw up our country.  Not since Jeff Fenholt?s milking of a dubious Black Sabbath stint has someone made more out of a short and very questionable ?tour.? 

Yes, it has got to hurt to be an adamant Democrat.

Think of the pain which the Democrats were forced to withstand during the Republican convention:

1. Watching John McCain forcefully endorse President Bush for re-election, Kerry and his crew must have woefully recalled how they tried to snooker McCain into taking the Dems? Vice Presidential nomination ? just before The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth launched their devastating television ads and released their book, Unfit for Command, now number one on the New York Times Non-Fiction best sellers list.  But the attempts to somehow use McCain for their party?s purpose went decisively south when Senator McCain gave major props to our current commander-in-chief and decisively dissed the Dems? darling, the Minister of Misinformation, Michael Moore.  The pain had to be intense, as they reflected on McCain?s  big Democratic and Independent following in addition to his multitudinous Republican backers.  Those who love McCain on the left, right and center had to be moved by his gracefully delivered and deftly defended salute to his former competitor, his watertight case for the war in Iraq and his moving tribute to the armed services.

Doug Giles

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