Doug Giles

The right and proper action for John Kerry is to answer the heavily documented allegations.  If it turns out that he can?t or won?t, then he needs to be held in contempt or suspicion, and the Democrats need to turn to some non-Pinocchio pundit without amnesia and high grade narcissism.  That is, if liberals are intellectually honest and don?t want still another prevaricator in the Oval Office to embarrass them at every turn. 

Come on, Senator Kerry: come clean.  Answer the accusations.  Provide whatever paperwork you need to nail the coffin shut on the allegedly fallacious claims of the Swifties who have been brave enough to stand and be counted.  And if you did lie to us, then tell us.  We?re big boys. 

You just might stun us into forgiving you and voting for you, because the public hasn?t seen a truth dealing Democrat presidential hopeful in ages; one who, when caught red-handed lying about his past or humping an intern, actually admits it and repents.  Just tell us your ego got in the way? you trumped your ?Nam service because your Senate record and your days spent carrying Mike Dukakis? briefcase are sorta ? well, lackluster. 

Look, even if you don?t get elected, if you lied and now confess it, at least you?ll sleep better at night and something really rewarding will happen.  Allergan© will hire you to be one of their Botox spokes models.  Or maybe you?ll get an offer to get into celebrity boxing.  I?m thinkin? a John Kerry vs. Janet Reno match could prove a lucrative contest.  I know it would blow away, ratings wise, last Thursday?s Joey Buttafuoco vs. Joanie Laurer bout.

Here?s the flip side of the suspicious Kerry Tour of Duty coin: if these Swifties have lied and maliciously slandered and publicly defamed Senator Kerry, then their group picture needs to be put next to the definition of creepy in the updated 2005 version of Webster?s Unabridged Dictionary.  And not only that: they should be punished somehow for their libelous claims, like having to be Teresa [Tah- ray- za] Heinz Kerry?s butler, or bath drawer, or pool boy or masseur.

George Bush was forced to come forward with the truth about his drinking history and National Guard records, and his pre 9/11 intelligence or lack thereof.  What?s the problem with John Kerry having to come forward and answer this book?s detailed allegations and provide the necessary documents, like who witnessed his acts of heroism and who treated his wounds?

My ClashPoint is this, Senator: President Bush was flamb? for his honorable Texas National Guard record, and grilled by the 9/11 Commission.   So, don?t think it?s too much for you to answer, now, the accusations leveled at you by your fellow Swifties. Unfit for Command calls you, John Forbes Kerry, a liar and phony and your Vietnam claims a scam.  That?s tough language.  Since you?ve built much of your political platform on what the Swifties are calling shifting sands, you?ve got to answer their charges. 

This book didn?t come from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter but rather from eyewitnesses, respectable naval officers and enlisted men calling you, Senator, on the carpet for your combat claims.  I know we can?t answer all our detractors? critiques but this isn?t a simple ?Kerry Sucks? 900 word op-ed written by some axe-flailing fame seeker.  This is 256 pages of heavily footnoted analysis that has been well-written, meticulously researched and reeks of sincerity. 

So, allay our concerns, Mr. Kerry.  Weigh in and show us the Swift Boat Veterans are wrong.  Prove to us that your Tour of Duty was not a ton of dooky.

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him onFacebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.