Doug Giles

It seems the Swift Boat Vets have delivered a swift kick to Kerry?s crotch.  Ouch!  That?s gotta hurt.  What?s ironic -- and typical -- is the Left?s hysterically hypocritical spin machine screaming for the Swifties? 411 to be immediately Dixie Chicked.  The self- righteous, first amendment waving, Michael Moron embracers are not so free with freedom of speech when it happens to slow roast their presidential nominee a mere 80 or so days before the nation schleps to the polls.

What?s funny, [not funny, ?ha-ha? ? funny ?weird?] is as long as the information comes from one uberliberal, overweight, college dropout with a communist bent, who routinely attempts to make ?W? look like a greedy gnome who wrongfully plays golf while he unrepentantly sends our kids to the Gulf, well ? that?s cool.  Spreading such misinformation, created from the ether by one of the left?s darlings should not, according to most liberals, be examined.   No! It should be believed and be considered inerrant and infallible, and the purveyor of such rank propaganda lifted high as a prophet. 

But flip to today.  More than 60 decorated, non-politically active, eyewitnesses of Kerry?s four month stint in Vietnam -- men who ate, slept, and served a few feet from the Dems? presidential applicant ? have written a heavily documented, devastating tell all, Unfit for Command, credibly contradicting Kerry?s account of his fleeting 120 days in ?Nam.  They represent more than 250 Swift Boat veterans, including Kerry?s commanding officer!  So, what?s the response from all the usual political and media suspects? What the heck do they know?  Why should they be trusted?  Dismiss ?em; censure ?em ? and if they keep trying to talk, just shout them down. 

If Unfit for Command is true, then the half-inflated raft on which Kerry?s campaign is currently floating, i.e., his allegedly heroic four months in ?Nam is sunk.  [Four months?  I took woodworking shop for four months 29 years ago, but that sure doesn?t mean I?m fit to take Bob Vila?s job.] 

It?s Kerry who volleyed his Vietnam record into the court of public scrutiny.  I guess he didn?t figure that 254 guys who served with and around him would return service back to his court with a violently contradictory top spin.  And now it is up to Kerry, not Lanny Davis, not Jeh Johnson and certainly not James Carville to field the multitudinous charges.

Doug Giles

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