Doug Giles

We?ll suspect all 18-40 year old Middle Eastern males who live in the U.S..  How?s that?  We?ll help our intelligence agencies know their whereabouts.  And we?ll be especially concerned about the more than 114 thousand illegal Middle Eastern male immigrants.  We?ll make it ridiculously difficult to immigrate from nations that support terrorism. 

So they want us to fear?  Then we?ll choose the object of our fears. Our fears will serve our purposes and our nation?s safety, and not their agenda. They will lead us to report anything that remotely smells bogus, and to report it immediately. We will listen to our newfound friend called fear.

3. Live in Dread. If our terror inducers really want us to live in fear, then let?s go the second mile and live in dread.  Namely, the dread of the loss of our freedoms, the dread of  loss of truth and the dread of our nation?s loss of God.

My ClashPoint is this, terrorists: You want fear?  Okay.  You?ve got it.  We?ll fear, but we will fear what we want to fear and not what you tell us to fear.

We will not live in dread of terrorists, but of things that are holy, just and good ? and that we dare not lose.  We will be on the look out and we?ll wail like a stuck hog when we see something awry.  And terrorists, you can bet your last camel that we will let this new fear serve the purpose of ridding our nation and other freedom-loving nations ? yes, the entire planet ? from fearing you!

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Doug Giles

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