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I hate to ruin your light summer beach reading, but America and much of the world are still in deep yogurt when it comes to the war on terror. As much as postmoderns want everyone to sing ?We are the World? in some all-religion-encompassing global hand-hold and just move on, I?m afraid radical Islam is not going to be a part of pomo?s desired altruistic music video.

Radical Islam is incorrigible, period. So? face it and embrace it. We are not going to convert or appease these cats. We have nothing they want. There is nothing to negotiate. They want us exterminated. Capisce?

That said, what do we, Christians in particular, do when faced with an implacable radical enemy? Just sit around sing ?Kum Ba Yah? and hope these bad guys will leave us alone? That?s what a lot of five-watt light bulb, spiritually neutered believers are doing. Just sittin? around? hopin? and wishin?? or worse yet, ignoring the viable millennial threat of militant Islam. I, for one, will not take a passive stance against this aggressive enemy. You cannot be lame and win this game with these guys. So, as a Christian, I suggest the following?

One: Back President Bush and his aggressive armed attitude against terrorists and terror supporting nations. Make that the main focal point for your vote during the next election. Picture this when you step into the voting booth this November: some fluctuating, ?wait-on-the-U.N.? type of guy in the Oval Office while one of Osama?s droogies is arming a nuclear suitcase in your back yard. Take that image with you to the polls.

Two: Push for cinching our borders tighter than a fat guy's belt after an ?All-You-Can-Eat? beef rib blow out at Tony Roma?s.

Three: Aggressively support the rooting out of the multitudinous terrorist cells that are concocting their villainous crap in our very own cul de sacs.

Four: Make it ridiculously impossible for a pro-radical Islamic professor to pee in one of our university?s bathrooms, much less teach in one of our classrooms. And finally, most importantly,

Five: As people of faith, dust off and use what?s afforded to the believer within the Old and New Testaments, namely the imprecatory prayers.

What is an imprecatory prayer?

It is a prayer asking God to crush a clear enemy of His, an enemy which is an aggressive adversary of freedom and peace loving people. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Precious Moments Figurine Collector, the Bible is filled with maledictions prayed by saints and speedily answered by God against violently impenitent enemies of liberty and righteousness. Here are a couple examples:

Doug Giles

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