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And get this: it was God, acting like your naughty big brother who goaded you to throw the family cat into the pigeon coop.  Right!  It was God who egged His vessels on to give offense.  Give it ? it?s a gift.

The greats of the Bible excelled not only at biblical insight and break-through?to-the-other-side intercession; they also had an incredible wit about them that God didn?t mind at all.  In fact, He joyfully endorsed and eternally preserved it in the canon of scripture for future generations to read and chuckle over.

From a communication standpoint, the prophets, patriarchs, warriors and wild men of scripture were more like Bill O?Reilly ? even Chris Rock minus Rock?s blue material. 

Many of our Biblical heroes, especially the emcees of the various main events, were holy satirists ? mental and spiritual heavyweights with a verbal whip that they didn?t mind using on whomever, whenever it was necessary.

My ClashPoint is this:  One of the chief signs of the Church?s backslid condition is its refusal to call a spade a shovel (in love, of course) both inside and outside the Church ? and have a side-splitting, obedient, good time doing it.  Both in scripture and in the annals of church history we have great examples of reformers ?who saved the day? and ?bettered tomorrow? because they obeyed God through tornado-like use of both tongue and pen.

If ? if ? we truly desire revival, reform and a national renaissance, then get ready for the spiritual wrecking cranes, i.e., the prophets, to come in.  When the prophets poked the pompous ? when they mocked the haughty and religiously arrogant ? when they wreaked havoc on stale religious and political symbolism: they were clearing the ground for fresh, godly growth.  I know it may seem ugly at times, but it can be fun, and it can effect change.  That is, if we understand it, cheer it on and yield to it ? especially when it?s aimed at us.

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Doug Giles

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