Doug Giles

It used to be that you actually had to do something to become noted ? kind of like President Ronald Reagan did.  You had to win a war, cure a very sick economy, slay a dragon, right a major wrong. 

Nowadays, all you have to do to get out of the ignored muck of humanity is get silicone implants and do jumping jacks in a mini skirt.  Or, get silicone implants and temporarily relocate to a deserted island with other morons and try to survive.  Or, get silicone implants and marry a Kennedy.  Or, get silicone implants and eat maggots in a burning car that's been shoved off the Golden Gate bridge suspended only by a frayed bungee cord.

My ClashPoint is this: if we?re going to see our nation pull out of the external debacles we?re currently cooking in?and stay out?we?re going to have to go to work on ourselves internally.  We?ve got to re-inject a mega dose of faith, character and virtue back into the personal and national mix.  That is, if we want to continue to enjoy a free and just society.

Let?s put a moratorium on the banal and the inconsequential.  Let?s duct tape the charismatic who?s void of character.  Let?s blow off how tight a person?s abs are and appreciate how fit their mind and spirit are.  Let?s get to the place where  ?We, the people? don?t feel the least bit compelled to acknowledge anyone who isn?t internally worth noting.

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Doug Giles

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