Doug Giles

Hey, ludicrous Left: what?s up with your Christophobia? Why so intolerant, Ms. Tolerance? What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid we?re going to bring dignity back to this country? Are you afraid righteousness is once again going to be re-introduced into our land, before you licentiously sink it?

Are you afraid of absolute truth being tabled into the public arena and ruining your randy relativism? Are you afraid of personal accountability and responsibility? Are you afraid that the moral law is going to wreck your amoral life?

Is that it? Is that why you?re working overtime to shut Christianity out of the public arena? Will Christianity ruin your narcissistic fantasy starring you as the center of the universe ?

or, for you, would that be multiverse?

My ClashPoint is this: Listen, concerned Christian?even though the times are going to get tougher than Joan Rivers? elbows before they get any better in the United States of Liberal Acrimony, we must not acquiesce. It?s time, ecclesiastically and politically, to fight the tolerance movement?s intolerance of our faith, which was the faith of our Founding Fathers and the faith that has sustained our nation?s state of blessedness.

As Christians, we must preserve our rights and freedoms and not allow the Left to shove their Liberal doo-doo down our collective throat. This means we are going to have to get off our collective butts and intellectually fight?NOW!?against the intolerance of Christianity by the ?tolerant? liberal and hypocritical Left.

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Doug Giles

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