Doug Giles

According to the secular barbarians, prior to popping out of momma?s womb a child has no right to live.  It may be killed by its mother on any whim whatsoever.  Nice.  How culturally elite.  How progressive -- not!

We live in a secular and narcissistic culture where the barbaric has become the norm.    If the unborn child is going to impede the mother in any way, it?s cool to root that baby out because the little rascal could ruin her ?life?.  Maybe its birth could interfere with Mom getting her BA degree, or expose the affair she?s having with her college professor, or mess up her bikini body, or keep her from partying and sleeping with everything that moves. 

Yes, the unborn and newly born are on thin ice with mommy dearest with their lives completely in her hands concerning whether or not it is going to live.  An unborn baby in the secular world has no rights, at least none that our courts will legitimately recognize and protect. 

Even though this ?tissue? has a recognizable heart beat at six ? 6! ? weeks, and brain activity at ten ? 10! ? weeks: it?s not a human according to these wizards until it breaches the mother?s womb.   Hey, secularists, help us ignoramuses out would you?     If it?s not a human being, then what is it?  A Michael Jackson? 

The too easily convinced Public School educated young women is told by the secularist counselor that for a few hundred bucks she can dispense with this inconvenient thing, return to ?normal? everyday life and have no more problems.  That is, except of course, until her conscience starts kicking her backside about three days later when she realizes she has exterminated her child.  Then, her life becomes Nightmare on Elm Street.

I confess that sometimes I think it would be better for some kids to have been aborted, if living with uncaring parents in this cruddy culture is their only option.  While mom ignores them because she?s working on her tan and dad?s playing tennis with his mistress;
· they wouldn?t have to be raised by shoddy government day care;
· they would never have to be baby sat by The Jerry Springer Show;
· they wouldn?t have to view Britney trying to dance, sing and chew gum all at once;
· they wouldn?t have to watch John Flipper Kerry trip over his prevaricating tongue.

Thank God abortion is not the only alternative! 

Doug Giles

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