Doug Giles

And not only does the WASPy man know nothing, but he better not say things like:

·    The feminists spit on everything that?s based on Judeo/Christian ethics.

·    The feminists will gladly get rid of your church or synagogue.

·    The feminists live to walk on our flag and everything for which it stands.

·    The feminists would love to hit the delete button on our nation?s collective memory.

·    The feminists are more than willing to re-write history.

·    The feminists are adept in messing with our kids? minds.

·    The feminists hate anything that?s normal.

·    The feminists hate anything that is decent.

·    Feminism has now become a synonym for lesbianism.

? Or, he?ll have hell to pay.

My ClashPoint is this: Just because when the white, conservative, Christian man talks, the feminists begin to squawk, does not mean we keep our mouths shut.  We had better talk, and not just talk, work -- to protect the state of our nation against these liberal ?ladies? pushing hard to the left for a ?She-ocracy,? and to support the giant majority of women out there who aren?t buying their hashish. 

I?m talking about the women who like being a wife, like having kids, enjoy being treated like a lady, are delighted not to fight in a war, thrive on being feminine and not butch.  They?re the women who, if they choose a career outside the home, are not shamed into it by some uni-brow, chucka-boot wearing she-male with a bad hairdo and camel?s breath.

But what do I know?  I?m gender challenged.

Doug Giles

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