Doug Giles

The times in which we?re living are darker than Rob Zombie listening to the Insane Clown Posse in Jimmy Page?s dungeon? or something like that.  The fact that our current cruddy culture is doing things that make demons blush takes no great insight for the honest person to perceive. 

The thing that confronts us, the subject about which I get several hundred e-mails every week is: ?What can the young, God and country loving American do, to help turn this nation around before it slams solidly into a brick wall.?

My advice is to go back to a time in history when things sucked worse than a vacuum cleaner powered by a GE jet engine, look to see who/what remedied that particularly dilapidated situation and repeat their principles of change.

2600 hundred years ago four Hebrew lads, namely, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego were taken captive into Babylon.  They were stripped of everything that was sacred to them.  They were tempted more sorely than a 15 year old Baptist boy at a Beyonce concert, and they were force fed an anti-theistic culture. Amazingly, they didn?t whine and quit life.  Instead, they became punchy protagonists of transformation, once and for all proving that greatness and godly influence never depends upon favorable conditions.  . 

What follows is a very brief and crude exposition of five of the seven habits of these highly effective Jewish 20-somethings, as recorded in Daniel chapter one of the Bible.  Daniel?s experience serves as an example of how the young, traditional God-fearing American can begin to position himself for positive influence in our increasingly secular society.  If you want a fully fleshed out version, check out my latest book RULING IN BABYLON

1. Get a life.  Daniel and his buddies were not passive blame-shifting slack-jawed dweebs who prolonged their infancy by living prodigally within an extended therapeutic womb.  Even though our present way of ?life? caresses the corrupt and the careless, we must pay no heed.  No, my fellow conservative, commandment and constitution embracing reader.  It is you who must make a decisive leap away from such an enabling cradle, and jump into positive personal action.  We must get out of bed, turn off MTV, change our underwear and move out of mummy?s house.  Let?s buy an alarm clock, set it and begin to make things happen.

Doug Giles

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