Doug Giles

But, you know, so what?  The grand, the great and the noble have never had it easy.  We will get whacked, as the immortal Elmer Fudd might say, by the scared, secular ?wittle wabbits?.  The secularized Sopranos will come after you, my traditional, conservative, Christian buddy, and do everything they can to suppress you.  So, buy yourself some seriously protective gear ? starting with a cup and a face mask. 

Look ? truth has never been popular with the solipsistic navel-gazers but it is always effective and liberating, and therefore demands that we side with it, even when it?s  detested.   The person who holds an objective biblical view of right and wrong needs to stand up, especially in this day where evil has been twisted into appearing good and good, evil.  No matter what the cost and no matter how hard he?ll be slammed in the media, in liberal chat rooms and on Salon?s blogs. 

My ClashPoint is this: ?If as a nation we neglect the truth, contradict the truth or are careless with the truth then we have stumbled into a carelessness?, as Os Guinness says, ?that we can ill afford?.  As individuals and as the only free superpower on the planet, we may not blow off the verities of holy writ and its time-tested values.  We must not take the moral law and discard it like the planet did Geri Halliwell?s latest CD.  For if we do, we?ll watch our country get torn apart quicker than a skirt marked down to $1.99 at the Gap.

Listen ? much to postmodernism?s politically correct pundits? chagrin ? biblical objective and eternal truth is not dead.  It?s alive and undeniable.  It will be around long after the last secularist has taken the eternal siesta.  Therefore, we are called to stand up for the timeless verities in our neighborhoods, cities and nation.  We must not fear the ridicule of the secular zealots: if we shrink from this Christian duty, we will invite the contempt of the eternal Judge.

Let?s face it: we need committed, conservative Americans with cojones.  Who cares about skin color: red, yellow, black, brown, or white?  You and I must stand up for what we believe.  We must be seen and heard within the public square.  And we must keep at it, relentlessly. 

That is, if we don?t want the greatest republic to become ? a banana republic.

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Doug Giles

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