Doug Giles

Let us be clear.  If traditional Americans don?t wake up, stand up, rile up and build up our original godly foundations, then history will throw up on our ?Great Experiment?, and the U.S. will serve merely as a tourist stop on the way to another new, principled, God-honoring land. 

My ClashPoint is this:  Judeo-Christian roots support our luscious American tree.  There is a direct correlation between our principled relationship to God and the prosperity of our nation. Currently, atheistic and god-denying, axe-wielders are hacking away at our religious roots like Paul Bunyan on crystal meth, while the Church and many traditional Americans are taking a passive nap.  Mr. & Mrs. America, we all should want to protect this heritage and proudly perpetuate the great gift of a richly principled America to coming generations.

If we want to pass on this great land of ours and that for which it has stood, we must fight postmodern gravity and institutional entropy.  We must realize and embrace the fact that freedom is never free.  God?s not the least bit obligated to bless us when we ditch His objective truth and its application to culture. 

Be warned: our democracy would not be the first to commit national suicide.

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Doug Giles

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