Doug Giles

Is it just me, or did Mel Gibson make Satan out to look like Sinead O?Connor in his latest movie, ?The Passion of the Christ??  Coincidence?  I don?t think so.  And what about the baby with the old man?s face that Lucifer was carrying around in that unholy Madonna-like scene during Christ?s scourging?  I swear it was Andy Rooney.

And while we?re on the subject of Mr. Rooney ? hey, Andrew, it?s really time to give up the ?60 Minutes? gig.  Your screed against Mel officially augers for your retirement, forced if necessary.  For you to call Gibson a ?nut job? is like Michael Jackson calling Peggy Noonan ?freaky.?  Give it up, Rooney.  Don?t ?ruin-e? your career more than you have already.  Just move down to Miami, get a tan, eat the early bird at Wolfie?s, continue to grow those fertile eyebrows and keep convincing yourself that Bertrand Russell was right.  Most important, do us all a favor ? zip it.

What is up with the violent knee jerk regarding ?The Passion??  Man, has this film struck a nerve, or what?  The two top criticisms leveled at ?The Passion? are that it?s anti-Semitic, and too violent.  They?re the spoken critiques, but I really think there?s another agenda.

Let?s dissect the above three amigos.

First off, ?The Passion? is not anti-Semitic, its pro-history.  Do the Jews want to erase from the historical record the carnage of the holocaust and its perpetrators because it makes Germans uncomfortable?  I don?t think so.  Just because a few bad first century religious leaders yielded up Jesus to the Romans for crucifixion doesn?t mean that well modulated 21st century
followers of Christ will condemn an entire race.

I guarantee the Germans are not thrilled over Spielberg?s ?Schindler?s List?.  Nevertheless, the story had to be told and the movie had to be made.  To shade the historical evidence of the holocaust atrocities because it might offend some Germans is ridiculous and does a disservice to the past, the present and the future of both Jews and Germans.

Think about it.  Christians don?t particularly like the fact that at every turn Hollywood, the media ?elite?, the educational ?elite? and the Liberal Left seek every opportunity to trash Christianity ? but it happens unremittingly.  Modern Christians are immediately linked to the Inquisition or the Crusades every time they speak out publicly on an issue or pray over their lunch at the Olive Garden.

Doug Giles

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