Doug Giles

It?s no wonder the majority of newscasters (and I use that word loosely) are severely bent to the left. The top journalism schools from which the major broadcasting companies draw their ?talent?, make David Koresh, Adolph Hitler and Jim Jones roll over in their graves with envy vis-?is their brainwashing abilities.

Sure, these universities spit out a diverse group of professionals from various cultures, but ideologically speaking, they couldn?t be more inbred than the kid on the front porch picking a banjo in the movie Deliverance.

My ClashPoint is this:  Mr. and Ms. Media Elite, we don?t like you anymore.  We don?t like to be told what to drive, how to vote, whom to worship or not worship.  We don?t like to feel guilty and naughty if we dissent with your values.  We don?t want to be like they are in Europe.  That?s why we left.  We don?t like to switch on TV and hear everything that we value somehow put down and vilified.  We don?t like you trying to make us feel stupid because we believe in God, freedom, family and the flag.

That?s why we?re taking our remote control and turning you off.  Because, you see, you?re way off.  Frankly, we would rather watch the paint-drying channel or the grass-growing marathon than listen to your too obviously imbalanced, liberal, psycho-political, brainwashing blather.

And don?t think for one second it?s because we can?t handle the weight of your philosophic constructs ? or destructs.  It seems you?re not convertible.  Therefore, we?ll just shake the dust off our TV clicker and move on down the road, to that which really is fair and balanced.

Doug Giles pastors a church in Miami and hosts two award winning radio programs. 
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Doug Giles

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