Doug Giles

If you?re a conservative; if you drive a sperm whale size SUV; if you voted for George W. Bush in the last election; and if you supported the war in Iraq ? then, according to the media elite, you?re Beavis.

If you go to a Bible believing church on a regular basis; if you argue for the traditional family; if you live in a rural environment (especially) in the south; and if you fly the American flag ? then, according to the media elite, you make Jethro Bodine look like a member of MENSA.

If you own a gun; if you believe we should bolster our national defense; if you believe in the goodness of America and its founding principles; and if you think we should fight back when attacked ? then, according to the media elite, you?re still in a Darwinian holding pattern.

If you believe in limited government; if you argue that lower taxes spur economic growth; if you want our borders protected; and if you are a white man ... then, according to the media elite, you are the source of all that is wrong with America.

That?s right: according to the media elite and their smarmy Thurston Howell, III?s, point of view, those of us who make up the core of traditional American values are woefully na? bores.  The average working hard, playing hard, salt-of-the-earth American is despicable to the pompous, wannabe-Euro-socialist-talking-heads that carp, fart and blather anti-American sentiments at us via the CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN nightly news.

And you know what?  Good, old Americans like us have had enough, and we are decisively turning them off en masse, for their unfair and unbalanced, blindingly liberal reporting and their condescension towards those of us who dare to differ.

America is sick of the ridiculous, oh-so-obvious, Matt Lauer-like hard ball played when liberal journalists go toe-to-toe with a conservative, not budging an inch and always giving them that ?Tsk-tsk, you?re guilty ?til proven innocent? look on whatever stance the conservative takes on whichever issue.  In the meantime, they preen, praise and pamper every liberal from Hillary Clinton to Ted Kennedy, and everyone in between.

Bad conservative ? BAD, BAD conservative for having a point of view other than the one that?s in agreement with those of Katie, Matt, Dan, Leslie and Aaron.  Their biased bunk is more obvious than Janet Reno subbing in an all boy Japanese middle school wearing a day glow unitard.  KY jelly is less transparent than Dan Rather?s ideological foundations. 

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him onFacebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.