Donna Wiesner Keene

What Presidents Clinton and Obama tested and found to be true is that big, big lies are just as easy to get away with as small ones … and although audiences gasp when this provision of actual law is explained to them, life is relatively normal while the government takes over the banks (seen any Wells Fargo signs on your streets?), manufacturing, or all of health care and banking.

While many of us were looking for jobs that won’t come back, we’ve lost our right to protest – unless we join OWS. Occupy Wall Street takes over public parks at will and even with government oversight hearings on the Hill, remains while the rats multiply so fast they are seen in huge numbers in broad daylight. McPherson Square in the heart of Washington has unoccupied tents all day and night – but from 5:00 to 6:00 pm they (the protestors, not just the rats) gather to allow film crews to catch them. The $500,000 stimulus upgrades in the park are gone. Public opinion finally forced the Department of Interior to act, the park has to be closed for two months to repair the damage. OWS protests in favor of class warfare – Tea Party groups were never looked upon as favorably.

Stalin and the Soviets may have wanted to redefine Americans as wealthier, more gifted of natural resources, but even as the Soviets whose one aging ruler after another who died of old age or mysterious causes in the 1980s, the Soviets grudgingly marveled at our two-party system and actual laws people agreed to follow en mass. Obama redefines exceptionalism in the mode of the French Revolution and Stalin, that class distinction and equality-inequality are the source of our problems. In the face of our loss of Constitutionalism, let’s blame the rich. Turning the truth on its head is exactly how socialism/Communism came to and maintained its power.

Many say this year’s elections are the turning point as we wade out of the mire of debt (it won’t be fun) or simply give up and keep on our spending mania. Conservatives have been asking us to mend our ways and avoid this turning point for five decades, and the majorities in both parties have ignored them. In this way, the Tea Party is more correct than ever – follow the Constitution. Maybe it’s time to listen.

Donna Wiesner Keene

Donna Wiesner Keene, a senior fellow at Independent Women's Forum, is CEO of BrainTrain, a business specializing in marketing and communicating political ideas and projects.