Donald Lambro

He's committed himself to eight high roller fundraisers for the DCCC, and many more were being added to the list. He has retooled his 2012 re-election organization into a full time grassroots campaign called Organizing for Action, dedicated to the recruitment and financing of House candidates.

He put his re-election campaign manager, Jim Messina, in charge of the the House takeover drive, to insure that it was directed from the White House. Messina met in early January with Israel, well before Obama took the oath of office, to plot campaign strategy, fundraising, grassroots outreach and coordinating a White House-driven political offensive against the Republicans.

While Speaker Boehner is the House GOP's leader, he maintains a network of friendships among the Democrats and their advisers. In a January speech, he warned that Obama was plotting to "annihilate" the Republican party.

Messina made it very clear at the meeting that Obama would devote a great deal of his time in his second term to the House takeover operation from beginning to end.

"Israel said Obama told him 'how focused he would be on winning a House majority for the Democrats," many of whom complained that Obama didn't do near enough in his first term to keep the House in Democratic hands, the Post reported.

Obama has ambitious plans for his second term agenda, including immigration reforms, hiking the minimum wage, sweeping new gun controls, and climate change laws, just for starters.

But he knows that little if any of his agenda will become law unless Democrats take control the House and Nancy Pelosi becomes the Speaker.

When Obama's voters went to the polls, no doubt many if not most -- especially tens of millions of unemployed or underemployed Americans -- believed he would refocus his agenda on jobs and the sluggish, lackluster economy.

But by now it has become painfully clear he won't be making the jobless economy a major focus of his second term. He'll be playing political attack games on a new set of issues and campaigning full time to put the Democrats in full control of Congress again.

Obama "would like nothing more than to have complete liberal control of Congress for his last two years in office," says Boehner's spokesman Brendan Buck. "Just look at what he's doing now. He's not even negotiating at this point. It's purely political theater."

For all intents and purposes, Obama has washed his hands of the economy and jobs, issues that a majority of Americans cite as their greatest concerns, but have been the biggest failures of his presidency.

Instead, two Post headlines here starkly reveal what his plans are for this year and next: "Obama sees 2014 as key to legacy", and "Obama to shift focus to different priorities," followed by a subhead, "Amid fiscal stalemate, he turns to gun control, immigration changes."

If you harbor any doubts about Obama's game playing tactics as he heads into the midterm election cycle, Exhibit B reveals how the president and his top advisers invented scare stories in their efforts to nail the sequester cuts on the GOP, or announced faux budget- cutting actions before the sequester deadline.

Even before one dollar had been cut from any budget, the Obama administration announced that hundreds of illegal immigrants in detention facilities were let go to save money.

A typically ugly claim, apparently made up out of whole cloth came from Education Secretary Arne Duncan who said on CBS's "Face the Nation on Feb. 24, "There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can't come back this fall."

The Post's intrepid Fact Checker Glenn Kessler dug into this claim, which Duncan made three times, and found it was absolutely false. Duncan's failing score for making things up: Four Pinocchios.

Donald Lambro

Donald Lambro is chief political correspondent for The Washington Times.