Dinesh D'Souza

Posted December 24, 2007

We've reached a sad state in the West when we acquiesce in a hate-filled campaign to deny our Christian roots and heritage.

Posted December 17, 2007

Listening to the fatuous Al Gore claim his undeserved Nobel Prize and maunder on about how America is ruining the planet makes me realize how fortunate America is to have as its president George W. Bush.

Posted December 09, 2007

One reason I think is that they are God-haters. Atheists often like to portray themselves as "unbelievers" but this is not strictly accurate.

Posted December 03, 2007

On Friday, November 30, I debated philosopher Daniel Dennett at Tufts University on the topic, "Is God a Man-Made Invention?" This was my third debate against a leading atheist.

Posted November 26, 2007

Many people have uncritically accepted the idea that there is a longstanding war between science and religion. Little do the peddlers of this paradigm realize that they are victims of nineteenth-century atheist propaganda.

Posted November 19, 2007

Imagine if one of the world's leading Christians--say C.S. Lewis a generation ago, or Billy Graham now--were to reject his religious beliefs and become a atheist. It would be big news!

Posted November 12, 2007

Richard Dawkins has a bright idea: Atheists are the new gays. Is he joking? Not at all. The bestselling author of The God Delusion has been suggesting for two years now that atheists can follow the example of gays.

Posted November 09, 2007

How and why did the Berlin Wall come tumbling down? I want to argue that it was Reagan’s statesmanship that made possible this epochal event. Reagan didn’t, of course, do it alone. But without him it probably wouldn’t have happened.

Posted November 05, 2007

Embarrassed at the murderous legacy of atheist Communist regimes in the twentieth century, leading atheists seek to even the score with believers by portraying Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime as theist and specifically Christian.

Posted October 31, 2007

If we look at the history of Western civilization, we find that Christianity has illuminated the greatest achievements of the culture. Does it make any sense to say that "religion poisons everything"?

Posted October 22, 2007

It seems atheists have developed a comprehensive strategy to win the minds of the next generation.

Posted October 16, 2007

On Monday, October 22 I’ll be debating Christopher Hitchens on “Is Religion the Problem?” It’s open to the public. It’s going to be a lively debate.

Posted October 08, 2007

Instead of engaging this secular world, most Christians have taken the easy way out. They have retreated into a Christian subculture where they engage Christian concerns.

Posted October 01, 2007

Imagine if the New York Times gave half-price ad space to the National Right to Life Committee or the National Rifle Association. It would never happen, of course, but if it did, you can envision the left-wing clamor.

Posted September 24, 2007

President Lee Bollinger of Columbia University is a very open-minded guy, in his own opinion.

Posted September 17, 2007

Remove the Koranic references and exhortations to convert to Islam and Bin Laden sounds indistinguishable from Michael Moore.

Posted September 10, 2007

As colleges start up again this week, there is big news from Boston College. The school has decided to censor my debate with its star professor Alan Wolfe.

Posted September 04, 2007

In Christopher Hitchens’ wickedly iconoclastic book The Missionary Position, Mother Teresa is portrayed as a self-satisfied dogmatist who never entertained any doubts.

Posted July 23, 2007

We are in an age of self-esteem, which is why only firstborns should read this article. It reports on new research that has found that the oldest child tends to be the smartest one in the family.

Posted July 20, 2007

Ward Churchill is hopping mad that he's being fired from his tenured faculty position at the University of Colorado. He says he is not leaving. He has announced his decision to sue. The whole procedure, he insists, was a "farce" and a "fraud." Only in America, he believes, could he be treated in this way. I'm not sure why Churchill is so indignant. According to the logic of his original argument, he deserves his penalty--and worse. By his own account, he had it coming.