Dinesh D'Souza

Posted May 12, 2008

Perhaps atheism has found an able advocate. But unbelievers may want to think twice before lining up behind Peter Singer.

Posted May 05, 2008

Throughout his campaign Barack Obama has mocked his critics, noting that they just don't get what a novel figure and consistent unifier he has been for his whole life.

Posted April 28, 2008

I have just started reading Dalia Mogahed and John Esposito's Who Speaks for Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

Posted April 21, 2008

In Ben Stein's new film "Expelled," there is a great scene where Richard Dawkins is going on about how evolution explains everything.

Posted April 14, 2008

The problem with evolution is not that it is unscientific but that it is routinely taught in textbooks and in the classroom in an atheist way.

Posted April 07, 2008

As a Christian, I believe that the universe and its living creatures are the products of intelligent design. This belief is not merely derived from theology but is also supported by rational considerations.

Posted March 31, 2008

#1 Obama's connection with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright makes him unelectable in the general election

Posted March 25, 2008

Ironic, isn't it? Some conservatives have been calling for an inquiry into Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim connection when the real problem turns out to be Obama's Christian mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Posted March 17, 2008

The columnist Michael Kinsley once defined a "gaffe" as an occasion when a politician accidentally tells the truth.

Posted March 10, 2008

On Hannity & Colmes recently, conservative pundit Oliver North sought to portray Barack Obama as an "empty suit," at which point Democratic political strategist Bob Beckel erupted, "That's what they said about Ronald Reagan."

Posted March 03, 2008

There was a playful, outrageous side to Buckley’s personality that should not be forgotten.

Posted February 25, 2008

Imagine reading an article that began like this: "The New York Times has been rocked by reports that its coverage of the 2008 election has been sorely compromised by an alleged homosexual relationship between executive editor Bill Keller and liberal columnist Paul Krugman.

Posted February 18, 2008

Atheists can break out the champagne: there really are some wacky religious people out there. One of them seems to be Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury,.

Posted February 11, 2008

Pope Benedict has a favorite rabbi, none other than the distinguished Jewish scholar Jacob Neusner. At first glance this is a puzzle.

Posted February 04, 2008

Remember when John McCain was proclaimed politically dead?

Posted January 28, 2008

Two leftist organizations have released a study that claims that the Bush administration lied about Iraq. Somehow I think we've heard that one before.

Posted January 21, 2008

When Dawkins tackles history, philosophy and theology, he usually makes a fool of himself.

Posted January 14, 2008

Isn't it remarkable that atheists, who did virtually nothing to oppose slavery, condemn Christians, who are the ones who abolished it?

Posted January 06, 2008

Asked by a British member of Parliament if he is one of those atheists who wants to get rid of Christian symbols especially during the Christmas season, atheist Richard Dawkins replied that he is not.

Posted January 02, 2008

Commenting on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, I recently commented that there are three groups that oppose democracy in the Muslim world.