Dinesh D'Souza

6. If the super-delegates do give it to Hillary, they will be denounced for using smoke-filled rooms to deny the first serious black presidential candidate his deserved opportunity. In addition to facing charges of subverting the democratic process, they will face widespread accusations of racism. Undoubtedly they will have to deal with massive discontent among the Democratic party's most loyal constituency, African Americans. Riots are not out of the question! The super-delegates recognize this, which is why I think they will feel compelled to go with Obama if he is the delegate and vote leader.

7. Still, Hillary is counting on those super-delegates. At this point, it seems the only way Hillary can win the Democratic nomination is by cajoling, threatening and seducing the super-delegates. It’s hard to see any other scenario in which Hillary could emerge as the nominee. The Florida and Michigan votes seem out of the picture, and even decisive victories from here on out make it unlikely that Hillary will overtake Obama. Female super-delegates may already be getting “Hi there” phone calls from Bill Clinton, who is still regarded as charming in certain Democratic quarters.

8. If by some miracle Hillary could draw even with Obama in delegates and surpass him in the popular vote, then her nomination would be perceived as deserved. In this case I think Obama would probably be willing to serve as her running mate. It’s still a big step up from first-term senator. But if Hillary gets the nod despite Obama's delegate and popular vote lead, Obama will almost surely be too disgusted to play second-fiddle.

9. Under no circumstances do I see Hillary being willing to serve as Obama's running mate. I suspect she would rather get out of the race and wait for another opportunity, even though such an opportunity doesn’t always come twice. Al Gore, John Kerry and John Edwards are walking illustrations of that point. Hillary may recognize the prudential wisdom of serving as Obama’s vice presidential candidate, and at the same time megalomaniacal self-pride might force her to refuse the invitation.

10. If Hillary does serve as Obama's running mate, and Obama is elected president, the man should get double security! The word among Democratic cognoscenti is that the Clintons would stop at nothing to get back into the White House.

Dinesh D'Souza

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