Dinesh D'Souza

Let the deportations begin! I've never understood all the nonsense about how we should be sympathetic toward illegals who came here to work and find a better life. We don't extend such sympathy to other people who routinely break the law. We aren't sympathetic, for instance, toward people who break into banks or hold up grocery stores in order to support their families and get a fresh start in life. We don't get teary-eyed about folks who engage in insider trading or bribery in order to send their kids to college and enjoy the American dream. We feel sorry for these lawbreakers, and than clap them into prison.

I'm an immigrant myself, and I'm pro-immigration, but that means legal immigration. America can afford to take in a decent number of immigrants every year. We need workers in certain fields, and should admit those kinds of workers. Pat Buchanan and others say the immigrants are ruining American culture, but that blame, I fear, falls squarely on the natives. It is the indigenous leftists, not the immigrants, who are responsible for the cultural decay that we see around us. I don’t see immigrants pushing for partial birth abortion or Hollywood permissiveness or gay marriage. Even the failure of immigrants to assimilate is partly the fault of the political left. What happened to all the programs that once helped immigrants learn about America and embrace the American way of life? The left got rid of them. Now the left is pushing multiculturalism in the schools. These programs are aimed at preventing assimilation and promoting an ethnic separatism that is packaged in the bright colors of “diversity.”

While I support immigrants who assimilate, I think illegal immigration is an entirely different matter. Here I think it’s important for a great country to seize control of its borders. It’s absurd that in an age of terror we cannot figure out who is getting in and who is going out. Our longstanding policy of delicately depositing illegals back on the other side of the Rio Grande, so they can try again the next day, is nothing short of embarassing. It’s time to crack down here, not to go soft. For these reasons I have serious reservations about the current immigration plan being pushed by President Bush and Senator Kennedy. This is basically an amnesty program, even if it makes the illegals jump through a few hoops before they get their citizenship papers. Why Bush and Kennedy favor amnesty for illegal immigrants but not for other kinds of lawbreakers is not explained, because there is no explanation.

Dinesh D'Souza

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