Dick Morris and  Eileen McGann

The current predictions are that Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington state are all going to gain one congressman each and that Florida will get two and Texas four. That's 10 red state gains.

And losing seats can be just as profitable if you control the reapportionment. Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will lose one each, and New York and Ohio will lose two apiece.

It is always easy to listen to the voices of those who are in office -- the newly elected incumbents -- but state legislative leaders must strain to hear the voices of those who did not win, but could win next time, given good lines. We must not miss this incredible opportunity to finish the task of 2010 and convert a vast number of House seats to the Republican Party, hopefully for a decade.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Dick Morris, a former political adviser to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and President Bill Clinton, is the author of 2010: Take Back America. To get all of Dick Morris’s and Eileen McGann’s columns for free by email, go to www.dickmorris.com