Dick Morris and  Eileen McGann

While groups like Karl Rove's American Crossroads, Americans for Prosperity, 60+ and the National Republican Congressional Committee are pouring their resources into the same 60 districts, there are 40 more out there where they could pick up seats. These groups may just be adding to their margins in the 60 and ignoring the potential for victory in the other 40.

I am working with superpacusa.com to focus on the outer 40, but few other groups are aimed at these targets.

Going after the more distant Democratic targets will also force the Democratic Party to pull its money out of the more marginal races as newly endangered -- and very influential -- Democrats start demanding help in fending off new GOP challenges.

Already evidence indicates that some of the Democratic lions are in jeopardy. South Carolina's John Spratt, chairman of the House Budget Committee and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell are both trailing their Republican challengers. Even House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Banking Committee Chairman Barney Frank might be within reach.

The need to focus on turnout in the marginal districts and to put more funding into the districts previously seen as safe for Democrats are two sides of the same coin. The dimensions of this year's Republican sweep are only beginning to become apparent.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Dick Morris, a former political adviser to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and President Bill Clinton, is the author of 2010: Take Back America. To get all of Dick Morris’s and Eileen McGann’s columns for free by email, go to www.dickmorris.com