Dick Armey

FreedomWorks Foundation—together with allies in the limited government movement including the National Taxpayers Union, Tea Party Patriots, and Grassfire—is hosting the 9-12 Taxpayer March on Washington (www.912dc.org). Born largely out of the Tea Party movement, the 9-12 event promises to be a historic gathering of limited government grassroots activists in our nation’s capital. Never before have so many conservative activists gathered in Washington, D.C., not to lobby for government intervention or money to feed a special interest pet project, but actually seeking less government interference in their daily lives. A little more than a month away, thousands have already registered, booked travel and hotel accommodations and will be ready that Saturday, September 12 to march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the West Lawn of the Capitol and give the liberal left establishment a piece of their minds.

The March on Washington, not unlike the Tea Party protests of the spring and summer, isn’t getting a lot of media attention at the moment. Whether the press comes around and decides to actually cover an event of this size and magnitude remains to be seen. However, if Pelosi and company don’t start to take notice, they do so at their own peril.

2010 is right around the corner and with every House seat in play as well as several swing-Senate seats, liberals need to understand that this conservative grassroots renaissance is no freak occurrence, nor is it a passing fad. As they will see for themselves on September 12, a standing army of limited government true believers is coming together. They are actively engaged in the political debate, well-informed, and you can bet that come election time they will be ready to walk neighborhoods and make phone calls knowing full-well who supported the liberal left’s big government agenda and who stood fast against it.