Diana West

3) Think of John Kerry's annulment. A little-known fact of Kerry life is the senator's decision to seek an annulment from his first wife of 18 years, Julia Thorne (divorced 1988) in 1996, one year after his second marriage to Theresa Heinz. Julia Thorne, mother of Kerry's two daughters, learned of the annulment proceeding in a letter from a Catholic Church official, and told the Boston Globe in 1997 it was "disrespectful to me, it was aloof to any emotional issues, and devoid of any sense of the humanity of what this means to me and the children." On "Imus in the Morning," former altar boy Kerry joked about the proceeding, adding, "It doesn't affect the status of the child at all. It's just in the eyes of the church."

4) We've all tried to parse John Kerry's indecisive wordiness. But think about his dodgy silence. Bob Woodward has been trying since June to ask John Kerry how he would have fought the Iraq war differently. He even sent his questions to the candidate. "I interviewed President Bush and he answered hundreds of detailed questions," Woodward told Fox's Bill O'Reilly this week. But not Kerry.

5) Think about having a U.N.-poodle for president. There's one thing that justifies the loss of American life, Kerry believes, and that's service to the United Nations, not the United States. "If you mean dying in the course of a United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that," Kerry said in 1994. "If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can effect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no." Such non-American thinking puts the nation at risk in a post-9/11 world.

6) Think of John Kerry's supporters. From Kim Jong-Il to Yasser Arafat, from the Tehran Times to the Syria Times, John Kerry has already passed quite a global test.
Recently, Malaysia's former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad openly urged American Muslims to vote for Kerry. Remember Mohamad? As prime minister, he offered to support the United States and Britain in an international coalition against "terrorism" after 9/11. But only, as he put it, "if they wanted to take action against Israel."

With friends like these, who needs ... a Kerry presidency?

Diana West

Diana West is the author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (St. Martin's Press, 2013), and The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization (St. Martin's Press, 2007).