Derek Hunter

Al Sharpton, the preeminent racist of our time, has been fully and completely embraced by the media and the Democratic Party. With no discernable skills beyond self-promotion, he has his own TV show on an NBC News network, not some public access channel. The president and the attorney general made a pilgrimage to speak at Sharpton’s group, National Action Network. It’s not collective amnesia that’s allowed Democrats and the media to embrace Sharpton; it’s willful obfuscation. He supports the correct policies and candidates, he gets people to the polls, and he raises and directs a lot of money, even after his cut. In Democratic circles that’s enough to forgive any sin, even if it’s a sin you’re currently decrying.

Sharpton is the worst, but he isn’t alone. The NAACP, the once great civil rights organization that is now a hollow shell of its former self, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

The NAACP was set to honor Los Angeles Clippers owner and long-known bigot Donald Sterling on May 15th with his second lifetime achievement award. Once tapes of Sterling spewing racist garbage were made public, the NAACP rescinded the offer (ironically it’ll still honor Sharpton at the same event). It also took back the one it gave Sterling in 2009, after he’d already settled discrimination suits against him for refusing to rent properties to minorities. Sterling’s bigotry suits and settlements were well known in Los Angeles and, one would presume, to the NAACP. So why would it have given him one lifetime achievement award and be on the cusp of giving him a second one?

I’d like to think the NAACP would check the background of someone it is honoring and make sure that person’s life is cleared of what the organization was founded to oppose. One can only speculate why…

Democrats, who’ve been gleefully trumpeting Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy as the leading candidate for the GOP nomination in 2016 after he exposed himself as a racist, pounced on the opportunity to label Sterling a Republican. Paul Begala, a vile opportunist and political strategist who never misses a chance to play the race card, on Twitter offered, “Friendly tip to ?@seanhannity, ?@SenRandPaul, ?@SenTedCruz: don't endorse or defend Donald Sterling. DO NOT do it.” Of course Begala is counting on people being ignorant of the fact that Sterling has donated to Democrats in the past, and the media is only too happy to keep them that way.

That Begala and other Democrats, including everyone who hosts a show on MSNBC, see the exposure of a racist as a political opportunity to be exploited lets you know who they are as people and just how empty their solutions tank is. (Bit of trivia, the last U.S. Senator to drop the N-bomb, and do so repeatedly, was Democrat and former KKK member Robert Byrd.)

Americans are not obsessed with race, but those who profit from it are. Those who profit from it hear “dog whistles” and “code words” everywhere, especially in routine political and policy disagreements. They mock adopted infants because the family who loves that child doesn’t share the same skin color, they call a Supreme Court justice racial slurs because he abides by the Constitution and not their wishes, all while giving each other awards for being “tolerant.” And they demand the current president be treated differently because he’s black, which I thought was the definition of racism.

They do this to hide the fact that Democrats are devoid of ideas, and the ones they’ve implemented have only worsened the economy and chipped away at our liberties. They attempt to tear the country apart to hold on to voters and power.

They need not worry. Their opponents are Republicans, and the one thing Republicans excel at is failure.

Republicans have congressional leaders who are burning more calories alienating their base and selling out on Obamacare and amnesty, than they are messaging an alternative vision for the country. Meanwhile grassroots groups such as Tea Party Patriots vacuum up donations while routinely spending more money in a month on their leaders than they do to help candidates. Knowing this you begin to see why Americans are less enthusiastic about the next election than they are about their next proctologist appointment.

There’s no reason to expect any of this to change. Republican leaders are too selfish and stupid to offer anything but circular firing squads, and Democrats will keep drowning the truth because they have too much to lose if reality surfaces. The media isn’t interested. Google “Barack Obama” and “historic” and you’ll get more than 100 million results. There’s little he’s done in office the media hasn’t labeled “historic,” even though much of what he’s done has been done before by other presidents. Don’t get me wrong, Barack Obama being elected president was historic, but giving a speech?

The media, the very same that hyped a “post-racial” country, has been obsessed with race ever since. And Democrats, the media’s partner in pimping the “we’re all racists now” narrative, is only too happy to exploit any opportunity to divide Americans by anything they can. They’re both blinded by power and see only color.

Racism is alive in America, and always will be, in all directions. Some people simply hate and will stop at nothing to exploit differences for their own personal or political gain. When you think about it, especially in the context of history, that’s very progressive.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.